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Country of origin 1820, the USA, First official match
Inclusion in the Olympic Games 1992 – 2005, 2020 – now
How baseball is widespread? Played in more than 120 countries
The official start of baseball in India ●     In the middle of the 20th century, baseball was brought to India by the US Army.

●     1983 — the creation of the Amateur Baseball Federation of India.

●     1985 — the First National Championship.

Most popular championship MLB baseball league games 
Number of players  2 teams, with 9 players on each team
Why Baseball Betting Is So Popular

Why Baseball Betting Is So Popular

Baseball is a sport related to cricket that is very popular in India. It appeared at the beginning of the 19th century in the USA as some variation of English cricket. However, it has more dynamics and vigor and, therefore, magnetically attracts gambling fans. Watching the matches becomes even more exciting when the spectators are betting on baseball. Thanks to this, you can not only cheer for your favorite teams but also win additional money.

The Best Way to Betting on Baseball

The Best Way to Betting on Baseball

By registering on the 1XBet bookmaker platform, you can watch baseball matches for free and place bets online. If you have time to follow the game live, bets can be placed depending on who is leading the match. And if you are busy at this time, choose a pre-match online baseball betting and wait for a successful result! If you win, the money will be automatically credited to your gaming account.

How to Read Baseball Bet Odds

How to Read Baseball Bet Odds

The bookmaker evaluates the probability of each team winning based on detailed statistics, taking into account previous matches, other players' bets, and many other factors. When you select a team for baseball odds betting, you will see negative odds near the favorite and positive odds near the underdog. This gives you a hint, but you shouldn't bet on the favorite all the time as they win only a little over 60% of games. And this means that underdogs have real opportunities to change the situation in their favor!

Use 1XBet Baseball Betting App for Instant Connection to the Match

Use 1XBet Baseball Betting App for Instant Connection to the Match

Baseball matches are held in different countries of the world living in different time zones. To make baseball betting the most comfortable for punters anywhere on the planet, 1XBet has released a unique application. By downloading it, you can watch championships in more than 100 sports disciplines and place bets. The app is suitable for both operating systems, iOS and Android, so your phone will fit perfectly! If you have the APK installed, use it to find the app, and if not, download an application from the site.

Online baseball betting allows you to look at the championships in a different way. You become part of the team and fight for victory together with field players!